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The Language Biography will offer the students the possibility to remember and reflect on their language experiences as well as the cultural ones. They will realise the progress on the language acquisition, the way to get it, what they can do in each language and plan what they would like to learn. The students, consequently, will be aware of their learning process and find out and value the other languages spoken by people living in the same environment.

The resources and materials I have chosen to elaborate the different templates the students will use to draw up their eportfolio have been taken from the following document:

According to the Spanish ELP for secondary school and following the general guidelines given by The Council of Europe and the objectives of all the Spanish Portfolios, the student's Language Biography will comprise the following:

1. Languages I know

• What languages do I use to communicate with others?

This template contains information about the languages the students usually speaks or the ones they are learning (Do not include languages they don't know at least 50 words):

• What can I do with the languages I know?

The students have to use one of the following template for each language and fill in one according to the different language skills: Listening, Reading, Spaeking (Talking to), Speaking and Writing:

How do other people speak my language?

By filling in the following template the students will be aware of the way other people speak their language:

2. Other languages

• What other languages are spoken where I live? (Enviromental Languages)

The students will be aware of the languages spoken where they live and think about their classmates, neighbours, friends, etc. to realise what they know about these languages by writing it down in this template:

3. The Way I learn

• How do I learn?

The students will reflect on the way they learn and write it down in the following template:

• What did I learn and what helped me?

The students have to fill in the following template with everything they are learning (grammar points, vocabulary, etc.) and the methods or resources they used to learn it.

• What do I do to learn out of the classroom?

The students will examine in their daily life what they do to learn languages. They will mark with an X on what they do (What I do Column) and what he would lke to do (What I 'd like to do Column).

4. My Learning Plans

• What do I want to do and say in each language?

In this template the students will show their future learning plans. They will state the language they want to learn, what they want to do with it, how they are going to learn it, etc.: