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As I have mentioned at HOME page in this wiki, the students will add to this page all their linguistic knowledge in the language: exercises, tests, diplomas, official certificates, audio and video recordings, and so on. All of them documents which helped them in the language acquisition process and that they could add, delete or change at their own convenience.

All these documents have to be in digital format, and for that reason, the students will scan and upload them to the wiki (pdf format), so that everbody can get access to them fast and easily. Once they have been scanned and/or using WRITER (Writer Manual) by OpenOffice the document will be converted into pdf format. The students also have the possibilty of using an online converter like this in case they use another word processor like the one used by Microsoft Office.

To digitalize AUDIO files, you can use AUDACITY, an open source and free programme to record and edit sounds for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. LINUX 2006 or LENIX 2008 incorporate this tool.

If you want to upload VIDEOS freely to the internet, click here.

Next, you will see a template (odt/doc/pdf formats) as an example of MY DOSSIER in which the students will write down their written work (exams, dictations, quizzes, etc.), audio and video recordings, etc. They finally upload the file to MY DOSSIER page and may be changed whenever they want.